I recently went grocery shopping, and as I was unloading everything and putting it in its place I noticed that towards the back of the fridge was the cranberry marmalade I made for Thanksgiving.  I really hate food going to waste so I was thinking of ways to re-purpose the sauce.  So I decided to fill crepes with it and they turned out deliciously.  

 I have never made crepes before but have always loved them.  And they were surprisingly not hard to do!  I took step-by-step pictures of the process in case any of you out there have been afraid to tackle the crepe-making yourself.  And there is no need for a special crepe appliance.  A small saute pan does the job just fine.  Even though I stuffed my crepes with a cranberry marmalade you don’t have to make them sweet. I’ve had crepes with sausage and cheese, or tomatoes, mozzarella and a balsamic glaze.  Get creative 🙂 A crepe is the perfect backdrop for any flavors, savory or sweet. Enjoy.

For the Cranberry Marmalade click HERE.


3 eggs

1-3/4 cup milk

1 cup flour

2 tbs sugar

1/2 tsp salt

Combine all of the ingredients well.  The batter should be really thin.  Then heat up your saute pan, I did mine over a fairly low heat, in order to cook the crepes gently.  Being my first time and all.  

Melt some butter in the pan.

 Pour in one ladle full of batter.

 Swirl the batter until it coats the bottom of the pan.

Cook crepe until it starts to brown on the bottom.

Flip it.

 Fill it.

 Fold it.

 Eat it.