One of my favorite Christmas movies as a child was The Snowman.  I remember watching it during the holiday season, on an old VHS tape on an even older VCR.  The music, the story…it was magical for me.  I love Christmas very much.  Mostly because I have very fond memories of this special time of year with my dear family.  My mother’s goodies, our poorly trimmed tree however decorated with love.  My dad dressing up as Santa (yes dad, I know it was you).  The rainbow colored lights outlining our house.  I remember falling asleep while watching them twinkle outside of my bedroom window.  Red and Green.  Waking up the next morning to a fresh coat of snow.  Dazzling snowflakes that sparkled like a glittery blanket.  Glorious glorious memories.  

 This is my recreation of The Snowman and that glittery snow.

Being 2,000 miles away from my family is hard.  But during Christmas, it’s almost unbearable.  This week is my last few days between me and Christmas freedom.  Two finals left to go and I am nearly counting the seconds.  As soon as the clock strikes 6 p.m. tomorrow I will be racing home to rummage through my closet, and pull out my two old shoe boxes full of my childhood ornaments.  Picking the special few that will decorate my little Charlie-Brown-like Christmas Tree.  Ahh, the holidays. There is nothing quite like it.

For the Cupcakes:

1 box of vanilla cupcake mix

1 can vanilla frosting

Make cupcakes as per the box directions.  Allow to cool before applying a generous layer of frosting to each cake.

To Assemble the Snowman you will need:


Mini oreos

Pretzel sticks

red hots

black gel icing

red fruit roll ups


sparkling sugar



Combine coconut and sparking sugar in a shallow bowl.  After frosting the cupcakes roll them in the sugar/coconut mixture.  

Then stick one marshmallow with a toothpick and attach to cupcake.  Then stick another marshmallow with toothpick and attach to other marshmallow.  

Stick two pretzel sticks in between the marshmallows as the arms on the snowman.  I used a little frosting to help them stick.  

Next take an Oreo.  One cookie will be enough for 2 snowmen.  Separate the cookie then with some frosting attach Oreo to top marshmallow.  Then with more frosting attach the mini Oreo to the top of the Oreo half. 

Next, cut a strip of the fruit roll up and wrap around to make the scarf.  

Next, using a red hot candy as the nose, spread a little frosting on one side then stick to face of the top marshmallow.  

Then with a gel icing make eyes and buttons.  

And TA-DA!!! The Snowman 🙂