I’m a big believer in dessert after every meal.  And more often than not, I’m a believer in dessert BEFORE the meal.  Dessert is the best part of dinner.  Why would I want to wait until I’m already full and unable to enjoy it?

 I’ve been living with my boyfriend for awhile now, and I’m still in that phase where I’m trying my hardest to cook meals everyday.  When I lived alone I could survive on eating Ramen noodles and spoonfuls of peanut butter, shamelessly might I add. I could go a month without stocking the fridge, and lounge around on the weekends without caring if my smell offended anyone.  Living with my boyfriend though…heaven forbid I go one day without showering. Let alone allowing him to see me without my make-up on.  I’m sure These days will pass, eventually.  And I’ll feel more comfortable being a little less…well, just a little less.

I’ve also noticed while living with my boyfriend that it doesn’t matter if I spend all day slaving over the stove making him a huge extravagant meal, or just making sloppy joe’s from a can.  He likes it all the same, and eats it all the same.  It doesn’t even matter if it LOOKS good.  Bun, spoonful of sloppy joe mix, done. The point of my story is, the lightbulb finally went on.  Why spend the time and energy making some fancy looking meal when my guy really doesn’t notice anything about it, aside from there being enough for seconds.

I whipped up this dessert parfait for us the other night and it was fun, easy, delicious and it looked good.  Which satisfies my womanly need to make things perfect, and also satisfied my boyfriends belly.  Nothing sweeter than that.

5-Minute Dessert Parfait

1 box instant vanilla pudding mix

2 cups milk

whipped cream

Oreo cookies, crushed

Combine the pudding mix and the milk and beat with an electric mixer for 2ish minutes.  Then spoon some of the pudding into the bottom of two glasses.  Next add whipped cream.  Then add a good sprinkling of cookies.  Then repeat the layers until everything is all used up.  Allow the parfait to sit in the fridge for at least 5 minutes to firm up and chill.  Who says easy can’t be delicious?