“Time passes.  Even when it seems impossible.  Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise.  It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, put pass it does.  Even for me.” –Stephenie Meyer

I guess you could say that is how I’ve been feeling lately.  This time of year is so cold and drab.  I find that motivation to do anything besides hibernating is slim.  I just want to curl up in a warm blanket and feel comforted by it wrapped around me.  Thinking of home, and my mom and dad as I drift off to lala land.  It’s hard being away from them.  

I miss running up the stairs from my bedroom to see my dad reading the paper, his outfit completely disregarding the weather outside.  It does not matter what time of year it is, he wears shorts, a T-shirt and tennis shoes, and a ball cap.  My mom trying to walk into the kitchen, and finding it difficult with 4 dogs jumping around her.  Waiting for their breakfast.  The littlest one being my Charlie Brown.  My little cuddler.  My boy I had to leave behind when I left home for the big city.  I miss his curly tail and cute little face.  He looks like a lion cub with that big mane around his head.  Oh Chachi…Joni really does love you.

 A bowl of anything warm is the best kind of comfort food.  It can be soup, homemade chicken and noodles (my childhood favorite), or chili.  My mom makes taco chili that is delicious with tortilla chips dunked into it.  My version is a little more spicy, but just as delicious.  Hot and spicy chili with sharp cheddar, a dollop of sour cream that cools and tames the spice ever so slightly, and a big pile of salty tortilla chips to dunk into this comfort concoction.

Spicy Taco Chili:

2 pounds ground beef

1 28 oz. can Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilies

1 15 oz. can pinto beans, rinsed and drained

1 15 oz. can kidney beans, rinsed and drained

1 15 oz. can corn, drained

1 can tomato sauce, vary the size you want depending on how soupy you want your chili, I used the small can

1/4 cup tomato paste

2 tbs chili powder

1 tbs oregano

1 tbs cumin

2 tsp minced garlic

salt and pepper to taste


sour cream

shredded cheese

diced onion

tortilla chips 

In a large pot, brown the ground beef and cook through.  When its browned, drain some of the grease off.  Then in goes the rest of the ingredients.  Stir to combine, then cover with a lid and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.  Ladle into bowls and add whatever toppings you like.  The ones I listed above are what I like, but feel free to top with whatever tastes good to you.